Over The Moon 🌝 with Jennie

Few introductions and a little bit about myself and why I ventured into bogging. I am a California girl who packed her bags a move to Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί 20 years ago to start an adventure that lead me to become a livestock veterinarian. I love cows πŸ„, like goats 🐐, tolerate πŸ‘ and dislike pigs πŸ– (but yet their owners keep asking me to come back). I also love and adore my two Australian Shepherds, Rhett and Ripley ( picture below), though sadly I lost Rhett to haemangiosarcoma (for non- vet people blood cancer of the spleen which is not so nice and was a horrible way for the most lovely boy to die) in October and frankly still not over the loss. Nor do I think I will be any time soon and that’s ok. You should never worry about grieving the loss of a pet…they are important and share things with us and give attentive council to our deepest thoughts, fantastical dreams and stupidest ideas without judgement. Though I am sure the cats judgement…but these two…best listeners in the world.

So what is this blog gonna be about? I have no idea πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ! Could be about my veterinary adventures? Maybe my total hip replacement surgery? Rants about stupid shit (warning I swear…a lot..get over it). Could be about skincare…ask I love my skin and Rodan + Fields? Could be about cooking and baking and my secret (ok not so secret) obsession with sprinkles? My morning mocha? Or the never ending fostering of orphan kittens..gotta admit these little cuties are fun.

So grab your favourite beverage! Put on facemask (love my R+F Radiance facemask)…and enjoy the world of Jennie!

Published by Jennie Mohler

Livestock veterinarian and Californian transplanted to the Sunburned land! Skincare enthusiast and fur mum to many furballs. And I swear a lot...but love hard and cook up a storm.

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